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We are professionals in the cold

The main task of our company is to provide high-level logistics services in the field of storage, freezing and packaging of both chilled and frozen foods.

Our coldstore was built in 2022 using the most modern technologies. We strove to ensure that our cooling technology system can keep up with today’s and future’s energy requirements.

Modern logistic center
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European Union registration number:
HU 1628 EK
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About logistic center

Our logistic center is located at Nagytarcsa in a new modern industrial park in the central part of Hungary, near Budapest at the M0 ringroad, which is easily accessible from all highways (M1, M3, M6, M7).

With our flexible team, we are also at the disposal of our future partners in the implementation of unique tasks.

Storage capacity:

2 cold rooms total 900 sqm (storage of 1000 EUR pallets)
1 shock freezing chamber: 10 tons
freezing: 24 tons per day
packaging: 24 tons per day

Where are we located?

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2142 Nagytarcsa, Gránit utca 6
+36 30 585 4811
Contact person: János Hajdu